In Memory of Rufus A. Lindimore

In the early years of my life, I was privileged to know a very special person, my grandfather, Rufus A. Lindimore. He was the image of love and compassion for many people. Although he died sometime ago, I remember him quite vividly! Grandpa Lindimore was a tall, strong man who very much loved his family, friends, and congregation.

He was a pastor of a church named Home Gospel Mission. Grandpa Lindimore grew up in a town called Zanesville, Ohio, east of Columbus. He was my mother’s foster father. Grandpa had four children of his own (Mary, Louise, Ruth, and Bob), but adopted my mother at the age of two out of the love of his heart. Grandpa Lindimore adopted her after his own children were pretty grown, so this made my mother feel extra special being the only one at home. Also, he and Grandma, with genuine loving kindness, made mom feel very loved. He adopted her during the depression when most people had problems taking care of themselves, much less thinking about others’ needs. Both emotionally and materially, in her outward appearance, mother was one of the most loved and best-dressed persons around!

During the depression, Grandpa would have soup and clothing lines for as many people as possible. This man totally lived for other people. His life and example meant a lot to me. He taught me the meaning of loving unconditionally … the concept to love of the abundance of your heart, truly sharing, and putting others before yourself.

Grandpa Lindimore was a very special person to me. I will always remember and try to pray to pattern His agape, God’s love …What an example his life meant to me!

- Tracey Renee Alexander