In Memory of Margaret Delores Jackson


September 13, 2008


You were the first heart to ever love me — the first voice I ever heard;

Your voice was like soothing sweet music, before I ever understood a word.

The first face I learned to recognize — first smile I ever saw;

Your eyes looking into my mind with love, and pride, and awe.

You were the first to know my hopes and dreams, and I will forever hold you in my heart until I hold you again in my arms. Everyone said you had a Mona Lisa smile and a melodious voice. I know that your joy is inexpressible and that you have finally met your family in heaven that keeps me smiling.

How I miss you! You will always be joy to me. Happy Birthday every October 12th to my beautiful “Pearl”. Thank you for the inumerable gifts of love and your prayers that guide my life. To the one who loved me first.

I Love You Mom,

Your Daughter Adrienne