In Memory of Talula Belle Hawk


October 1, 1953 — August 26, 2008

I fell in love with you and your beautiful blue eyes, on that first day we met in 1967. Our love withstood the hands of time — separating for nearly eighteen years then renewing our lives together forever. Our last fifteen years were truly the best years of our lives. But these years are a mere vapor compared to the forever we will spend together in Heaven with Jesus.

Thank you Jesus, for bringing me and Belle back together before you took her home. Thank you Jesus, for shedding your blood and dying for us so that we may live forever with you in Eternity.

I miss you Talula so much and will miss you the rest of my life here on earth. Knowing that you are pain free, with our families, happy, and in the presence of Jesus, gets me through the hard parts of the day. Belle, we were soulmates and best friends. I know you are waiting for me, and I long for the day when I can join you in Heaven. Praise you Jesus for this.

Your Loving Husband,