In Memory of Myrtis Courtion


My grandmother was dear to me and showed endless love. She inspired me, made me laugh, and gave me hope. She loved Jesus and planted many seeds of His life in me even when I was not interested. She taught me courage, strength, and most importantly faith.

She always thought of me and others even when we didn’t think of her. She wrote me and other grandchildren letters, often even though we did not return most of the letters she wrote to us. I remember when I was a child of spending a weekend with her and watching Pat Robertson on CBN, which was her favorite show to watch just before going to bed.

I wasn’t much of a Christian back then, but because of my grandmother, I realize now her strong faith and His many blessings now. I know my grandmother would want to further the love of Jesus, and I wish to donate her inheritance she left me to Pat Robertson and CBN in her name. I know she is in heaven and I look forward to seeing her again someday! God bless you Pat for your godly ways and your program!

-Brian Mittell