In Memory of Amber Lynn Cash

Safe in the Arms of Jesus

Amber Lynn Cash was born on August 5, 1998.  Although a neurologically disabled child and functionally quadriplegic, Amber was an inspiration and a blessing to her family, and to all who knew her.

At the age of three months, Amber was diagnosed with cortical blindness (blindness caused by the brain and not her eyes), with a 99.9% probability of never being able to see.  But, after being prayed for in November of 1998, Amber began to see almost immediately, and she eventually developed near-normal vision!

On July 4, 2003, Amber became accidentally wedged between her bed and the wall, and nearly suffocated.  She died three days later in the ICU from complications caused by her accident.

We love you, Amber, and will always miss you until we see you again in Heaven.  Stay safe with Jesus until we come, sweet princess!

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Safe into the arms of Jesus, safe into His arms I'll go. There, all sin and shame will leave me; grace and peace and joy I'll know.  When this pain-filled life is over, and my Savior calls me home; Then, I'll touch the face of Jesus, and safe into His arms I'll go.

Copyright 1987-2004, Margie Cash (Amber's Nana)

Written by Margie Cash 10 years before Amber's birth, this chorus was sung at Amber's graveside as Amber was laid to rest.