God is the cure for Covid.

November 20, 2021 by Michelle   Comments (3)

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Doctors told us undetectable and unseen all around us. Most of us did not it was right here, all around us. But Jesus warned us of coming divers deseases on earth and people will be worry and fearful of getting it. Well, they got it and now they sick again and again. Who can deliver us from this virus that will not go away from us?

Jesus alone can deliver us from anything satan brings to our life.
Healing rain falls on those who believe and trust His word.
Lepers of all kinds came to His feet and desired to be healed.
There were no vaccine or any medicine to cure them.
Only the word of the Lord can cure anything the devil brought to them.
Healing rain is coming from heaven.
Let it rain all over us.
Deliver us o Lord from any sickness that comes along.
You are the One who healeth all things.

Hear the voice of the Lord. I am the One who healeth you.


All the above is from Yonkers on prayerrequest.com. I have only written what is below

https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/us/scientists-mystified-wary-as-africa-avoids-covid-disaster/ar-AAQTcYk?ocid=msedgdhp&.....pc=U531 And here is some great news that God is protecting many Africans from COVID who have fortunately had hardly any access to vaccines. In the UK our stats are going up more deaths more sickness since more people took vaccine. This was a planned epidemic and we can't expect them to cure it, we have God and faith and His plants that often indigenous people know about healings that we don't. .....


Africa and India, possibly others too use Ivermectin regularly for Malaria prevention and this is what works as a treatment and a preventer as it's an anti-viral drug, been used on humans for decades and very safe even in young children if used properly.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROPpIWA6Q50 ... Pastor Robert Clancy - Daily Prophetic Message - The Flood of Lies during Perilious Time. ...


https://player.lightcast.com/zcjMycjN ..  ..- Injecting Truth series - Violation of Trust. Del Bigtree and Professor Dolores Cahill ..