Is the rapture imminent, desperately trying to overcome the lusts of the flesh in smoking and eating before it's too late

December 2, 2021 by Michelle   Comments (1)

, , , , , , , , , - video by Tony Lamb confirming rapture is imminent. .....


Tonight, the 4th night of Channakah I have again chucked all my tobacco down the toilet. It is sending me to hell, i'm sure of it. So many people, including pastors, tell me it is not a sin that leads to hell. Even though my soul is dead inside due to lifetime of high level addiction, mental illness, rebellion and sin , I still feel deeply that it will keep me from the rapture and that I won't survive the Great Tribulation if that happens. .....

I have gone about 5 hours without a smoke, I have a nicotine replacement thing, i can't remember what it is called, it's like an inhaler but no smoke or anything comes out. I just got a roll up out of the bin that I lit at the wrong end the filter end yesterday so I threw it away. If you think that is disgusting, it's nothing compared to when I walk down to the local pub to pick up butts from ashtrays. Even though I know its disgusting, embaressing and could give me Covid-19 I still can't stop myself. This is an hardcore addiction, an addiction of the flesh and a demonic influence. I feel ashamed to write the things I do, but maybe one day, the Holy Spirit will guide someone also desperate to read this and if I manage to overcome it could give them hope. I take great hope from people on CBN telling me how they got of addiction and youtube testimonies. .....


I have a good addiction testimony too, Jesus delivered me from heroin almost instantly and methadone in a few days cutting down. I also used to do crack, speed, marijuana and some alcholol which I no longer do. I just know He didn't free me from all that to be a slave to tobacco. It keeps me from my life with Jesus, constantly on my mind while praying, making me come out of praying earlier than I desire. .....


I did have a great breakthrough with fasting last year. I fasted a lot, not all at once, I promised /god about 4 years ago that I would do a 21 day water fast but I have never been able to manage it. I did fast a lot, a few days and then one or two meals, a couple of times I messed up really badly and has a spirit of gluttony and was so hungry and demon bound I couldn't stop eating, but that hasn't happened for a few months, thank God, although Im not really trying hard enough to fast. Last year I lost about 2 or 3 stone, my psychiatric nurse was really worried she noticed how skinny I was when she came to do my anti-psychotic injection. She got the doctor to give me a telephone appointment and they said if I didn't put on weight they would section me in a mental health facility again. It was worth it though, I felt really close to Jesus and had my first love experience, this time last year, on Channakah the feast of dedication. now im desperately trying to dedicate my life to Him again. .....


I am going to write some scriptures and sayings that encourage me to fast and give up smoking, it will be good for me to have them all together to read when I go through temptation and just maybe it could help someone else if they ever see this. I have been fasting almost 6 hours. .....


And while your feasting at his table, .....

he'll tie your hands and numb your mind. .....

He'll take you further than you want to go, .....

keep you longer than you want to stay, .....

and it will cost you more than you ever thought you'd pay. - Casting Crowns song called Waiting on the night to come. .....


Physical obedience of fasting releases spiritual power, favour, help, protection, healing, miracles, blessings. From Jentzin Franklin. .....


For if you live after the flesh, ye shall die. But if you through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, you shall live. Romans 8.13


I humbled my soul with fasting and my prayer returned into my own heart. Psalm 35.13


He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. Psalm 107.20


For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Romans 8.6


And the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking (and smoking) but righteousness, peace and the joy of the Holy Spirit. The Bible. .....


Let the wicked forsake his ways, and the evil man his thoughts, let them turn to YHVH and He will have mercy on him, and to our Elohim for He will freely pardon. Isaiah 55.7


The righteous eat to the satisfying of his soul, but the belly of the wicked shall perish. .....


Return to Me you backsliding children, and I will heal your backsliding. Jeremiah 3.22


And I will heal their backsliding, and love them freely, for My anger is turned away from them. Book of Hosea. ....


Humility results in the grace of Elohim. As we humble our souls with fasting we have instant access to the heart of Elohim. As we deny ourselves as a act of concecration we are better able to exercise self-control over our emotions and desires (thoughts and feelings I add). Pastor Robert Clancy


Deny yourselves, pick up your cross and follow Me, only those who do this are worthy of Me and can become my disciples. Jesus. ...


Some evil spirits only come out through prayer and fastinG. jESUS. ...


Is not this the fast that I have chosen, to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke. - Isaiah 58.6


Galations 5.8 - For he that sows to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption. but he that sows to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap ever lasting life. .


Fasting creates intimacy with Jesus - Pastor Robert Clancy


Ahayah's promises come to us when we fully commit our lives to Him, the premise is established by the premise of our devotion to Him. - Pastor Robert Clancy. .


He that being often reproved hardens his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy. - Bible


You cannot serve Elohim and money - Matthew 6.24


He that refuses instruction despises his own soul, but he that hears reproof gets understanding - Bible


Fasting breaks the bonds of wickedness and breaks every yolk the enemy has placed on you. - Robert Clancy


Fasting brings consecration - Robert Clancy


Fear Elohim, and keep His commandments. That is the whole duty of man. - Bible


Fasting is an opportunity for your wordly desires to decrease, and your godly appetite to increase. - Pastor Robert Clancy.


So you gave them what they wanted to eat, but their souls starved away to nothing. - Psalms. .

God is the cure for Covid.

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Doctors told us undetectable and unseen all around us. Most of us did not it was right here, all around us. But Jesus warned us of coming divers deseases on earth and people will be worry and fearful of getting it. Well, they got it and now they sick again and again. Who can deliver us from this virus that will not go away from us?

Jesus alone can deliver us from anything satan brings to our life.
Healing rain falls on those who believe and trust His word.
Lepers of all kinds came to His feet and desired to be healed.
There were no vaccine or any medicine to cure them.
Only the word of the Lord can cure anything the devil brought to them.
Healing rain is coming from heaven.
Let it rain all over us.
Deliver us o Lord from any sickness that comes along.
You are the One who healeth all things.

Hear the voice of the Lord. I am the One who healeth you.


All the above is from Yonkers on I have only written what is below And here is some great news that God is protecting many Africans from COVID who have fortunately had hardly any access to vaccines. In the UK our stats are going up more deaths more sickness since more people took vaccine. This was a planned epidemic and we can't expect them to cure it, we have God and faith and His plants that often indigenous people know about healings that we don't. .....


Africa and India, possibly others too use Ivermectin regularly for Malaria prevention and this is what works as a treatment and a preventer as it's an anti-viral drug, been used on humans for decades and very safe even in young children if used properly.

 ... ... Pastor Robert Clancy - Daily Prophetic Message - The Flood of Lies during Perilious Time. ...

 .. ..  ..- Injecting Truth series - Violation of Trust. Del Bigtree and Professor Dolores Cahill ..

took kids to church first time ever God is giving me a new heart

October 25, 2021 by Michelle   Comments (5)

things i learnt at church sermon - Obey and Trust. Don't judge. we are unworthy servants. fear the Lord and keep His commandments this is the whole duty of man. And Adayah Thy Elohim will circumstance your heart and the heart of your seed to love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul, so that you may live. ..


conformation robert clancy do not worry what you should eat. .

sorry God I should not have called You a monster for creating hell and sending so many people there

July 10, 2021 by Michelle   Comments (4)

clearly there are spiritual matters too high for me to understand. I'm so glad God that you are humble, gracious, slow to anger and slow to judge. I'm sorry for all the times I have judged you, when it is me that is under judgement. You are the one who is beyond reproach and everything you do must be perfect and right, You are the only One who is loving enough to send Your only Son to die for us. I'm sorry and get it twisted and wonder why He had to die when You could have just forgiven us, You know best how to order Your Creation, If You say there is no atonement for sin without the shedding of Blood then I choose to trust and believe You are right. You have more than proved Yourself to me to be loving and merciful, I will not forget all the things You have done for me and will trust in You to deliver me from smoking and schitzophrenia so I don't end up in hell. Thank You for not killing me yet or letting satan kill me. I choose to trust what I can't understand all I have to remember is that like the song says - in the Light of Your Face all our questions die, all our questions fade away. I believe on the day of resserection we will understand all things and by then we won't even care we will just be so happy to be with You. Please please help me Greg and everyone to deal with our doubts and fears that You are not good and to cope with all the suffering around us in this world and not blame You. I love you God, Amen. Thank you cbn prayer partners for being so patient with me and your many prayers for me I love you all too and am grateful.

Jesus is The Truth. The Bible which is true, says He is the Way, the Truth and the Light. Your right we wont know all Trust until the other side, our finite human frail minds are not capable of grasping it. If you want to know even what we are capable of knowing in this life like we both yearn too, we have to seek a personal relationship with Him with all our hearts, thats the only thing that truly helped me feeling His presence a few months ago it reassured me of all my judgements against Him. We are a people under Judgement for our own sins.

Psalm 81 13 to 15 - O that My people had harkened unto me and Israel had walked in my ways. I should soon have subdued their enemies, and turned My Hand against their adversetries. The haters of YHVH should have submitted themselves unto Him, but that their time should have endured forever. .

so very very lost in the wondering why's

July 10, 2021 by Michelle   Comments (0)

Why did God create us when there's so much suffering, and so many people including lukewarm Christians like me going to hell as well. What kind of monster even can think of planning and creating a place of eternal torment for what seems on the surface very small matters. Why can't He just punish us a little then kill us. Why so many babies born to people who sexually abuse them yet so many good Christian parents are barren. Why let the fallen angels come and tamper with His creation. I just can't stand it anymore. Feel like I'm, gonna have another mental breakdown if i don.t stop thinking about it. So much wars and children dying of starvation when the Bible says He opens His hand and satisfys every living thing. This is a song that helps a bit. It.s called Remind me Your here by Jason Gray. The other song that helps is take courage my heart, stay steadfast my soul, He's in the waiting then at the end it goes in the Light of His Face all our questions die all our questions fade away. That.s so true last time I felt Jesus presence just over 6 months ago all my questions just died it didnt even enter my mind to question Him. I just don.t know what to do don.t think He.s coming back to me ever sometimes. .


Remind me Your here - Jason Gray


None of my pain
Has ever caught You by surprise
Still, it's hard to trust You
When I'm lost in the wonderin' why
But I'll trade every question
Just to lay down and rest in Your heart
And I'll reach for Your hand
Though You led me here into the dark

And I won't ask You for reasons
'Cause a reason can't wipe away tears
No, I don't need all the answers
Just be here beside me
Father, remind me You're here

If it's random or providence
Neither are a comfort to me
Are You cruel if You planned it,
Or weak if You allowed it to be?
Half of me's still believin'
The other half is angry and confused
Oh, but all of me is desperate
And longing to be held by You

So I won't ask You for reasons
'Cause a reason can't wipe away tears
No, I don't need all the answers
Just be here beside me
Father, remind me You're here

Get me outta my mind
And into Your arms
Where hope comes alive
And fear falls apart

I won't ask You for reasons
'Cause a reason can't wipe away tears
No, I don't need all the answers
Just be here beside me
Come be here beside me

And I won't ask You for reasons
'Cause a reason can't wipe away tears
No, I don't need all the answers
Just be here beside me
Father, remind me You're here
Here, just need to know
That You're here, yeah
Here, I just need to know that You're here

turning 53

June 12, 2021 by Michelle   Comments (2)

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A couple of days ago I turned 53. Usually for the last few years at least it has been a - wish I had never been born day, - rather than a Happy Birthday. I used to often wish I was dead and had a few half-hearted suicide attempts, but since I have known Jesus is real I know heaven and hell must be real so I don't see suicide as an easy way out now but a doorway to an even greater anguish eternal damnation in hell. I don't know what the root cause of all this depression is my life wasn't too hard especially compared to a lot of people. Since I started seriously following JESUS a couple of years ago now I think I still get really mixed up with time lines my memory is terrible mostly due to all the street drugs I have taken - heroin, base speed, crack, marijuana and alcohol and psychiatric drugs. I used to have a diagnosis of paranoid schitzophrenia now its been changed about 5 or 10 years ago to schitzo-affective disorder which is schitzophrenia with bi-polar. It's very hard to live with sometimes and even harder for the people around me especially my poor daughter who is 33 and has 4 children of her own. She had such a sad life due to my neglect through my many descents into madness and drug use as well but she never complains, for my birthday and for mother's day she always gets me a teddy or a mug or something with best mum in the world on it and makes a card and writes really lovely things in it that are not really true like thanking me for always being there for her. I know the pychiatrists say some mental disorders are hereditery schitzophrenia is growing more prevelant now we are in the End Times and Satan and the demons are running amok and people are sinning more and more, but I know about 20 years ago when I was at college I read it was 1 in 100 who had it in general population and if a parent had it the prevelance was one in ten so its a big worry of mine. The main cause as well i think is pride and rebellion - the original sins of satan, and drug abuse especially marijuana, crack and speed and demonic affliction and possession. ...

I first knew JESUS was real over 10 years ago i can.t really explain what happened and i wasn.t born again but I experienced a miracle for sure. Suddenly one night I just had no doubt JESUS was real, I can.t explain further than that - I just KNEW without any shadow of a doubt. I didn.t see Him and He didn.t exactly speak to me in an audible voice or words but I just knew He promised to get me of heroin and methadone which I was addicted too. Heroin is not just addictive psychologically but physically its a very hard detox and takes about 7 days of suffering until its out of your system. Methadone is a heroin substitute invented by the nazi's and can take weeks and months to totally detox off. I had to lie to my drug worker as I was on daily pick up due to fear of overdose having to pick up my methadone every day so i told them i was going on holiday and asked for a weeks supply. I didnt have one last hit of heroin like i usually do with trying to get clean of heroin and other drugs i just stopped and i cut my methadone down over a few days, i didnt even finish the bottle i had about 50 or 100 ml left and gave it to a friend, i experienced hardly any withdrawals it was so easy and Im truly grateful to JESUS for this wonderful miracle though I don.t understand why I wasnt born again and so it seems nor does anyone else. So many people think I must be born again but Im not - I dont have the fruits of the Spirit - peace, love, joy, long suffering, steadfastness and especially self control. ...

I also stilll have a lot of issues with demons although thank God I am no longer demon possessed like on my last schitzophrenic episode but still lot of demonic affliction and can't stop smoking tobacco. I know if the rapture comes i am not on the guest list - He is coming for a bride a church without spot or wrinkle. I hope this is the year I finally get born again. Im not very good at writing and my thoughts are all over the place and sometimes i cant tell which are my own thoughts and which are demonic intrusions but I am going to try and blog everyday for my own reference and for others who have similar issues maybe I will get born again and can manifest to them the power of God's mercy and forgiveness through the sacred blood of Christ who died on the cross for our sins. It is by grace that we are saved by faith and not through works least any man should boast, thats from the Bible and I totally believe it. It.s also true that in the book of James it says faith without works is dead, and it also says He is creating a perculiar people zealous for good works but these good works are also through grace set up by God for us before we were saved. The song for today is just another birthday by Casting Crowns here are the lyrics. ...


Just Another Birthday

Sixteen finds me
Blowing out candles and making wishes
And all around me
Is everyone but the one I'm wishing for

And he sent me flowers
And gift-wrapped excuses
From a daddy whose daughter
Wants to see him again

And I know, I know
It's just another birthday
But I guess I thought
This would be the one

When he would call me, see me
Hold me and free me
But it's just another birthday
And I'll be fine, I'll be fine

Nineteen finds me
And I'm wild-eyed and wide open
I gave myself away to love
But backseat promises fade like a mist

I'm screaming at the midnight air
Everyone hears me but I don't care
My heart's clenched just like a fist
'Cause, people, I didn't ask for any of this
And I'm not fine, I'm not fine

In the company of strangers
In a cold and sterile room
All alone with a child inside me
And I don't know what to do

Jesus, can You hear me
Come and heal my brokenness
Put the pieces back together
And be a Father to the fatherless

Twenty-one finds me
Blowing out candles and making wishes
And all around me
My barefoot princess twirls and sings

It's so amazing
Looking back at all God's brought us through
You are my happy birthday
And you were born to break the chains

Now I know, I know
It's not just another birthday
'Cause I'm here, she's here
And look how far we've come

Since you've called me, saw me
Held me and freed me
Thank you, Lord, for another birthday
And we'll be fine, we'll be fine

Songwriters: Tom Douglas, John Mark Mark Hall
For non-commercial use only.
The daddy i am longing to see again like the girl in the song is not my earthly father who is in Australia and who i didnt see much when i was young and my parents were divorced for about 20 years and stuff but who finally got back together but my heavenly father and Jesus who the Bible says in the book of Isaiah is everlasting Father. He is a Father to the fatherless. The root cause of my depression and I think everyones depression is seperation from God. Now i know what the saying miserable as sin means but i still can.t stop sinning by smoking tobacco and thinking evil thoughts about God's justice. I no longer take any other drug now except caffeine and tobacco. I also take valium but only 8 ten mls a month i am prescribed. I used to be prescribed temazepam sleeping pills 20mg a night but i gave them up because i was abusing them getting high of them and nearly overdosed i have been off them about 3 months now it took a few attempts but Jesus got me free. I sleep better i wasnt addicted to them physically because i never took them every night as i always ran out through taking too many at once. but psycholigcally and emotionally i was addicted. Now i dont think about them except to thank and praise Jesus for occassionally. I also used to be on anti depressants but i nearly accidently overdosed on them one time and it was very scary i collapsed and think i nearly died only God knows the true extent of what happened. I also stopped them because they were making me feel too numb and i already feel so numb and dead inside from the many decades of sin and rebellion. ..
my prayer request from my birthday - .I am 53 today and I thank God that i survived and didn't end up burning in hell for my sinful life. My daughter and 4 grandchildren came over we had a lovely time and they brought me many nice gifts but now the biggest gift i want is to feel the presence of our saviour Yashua again. I pray that i change a lot more this year and loose this stubborn rebellious resenting God attitude and gain a new heart like the Bible promises so many times - an obedient, faithful devoted and compassionate heart. Thank you all who pray for me at CBN i never would have made it through this year without your prayers and guidance. God bless.