but is it FUNNY?

September 12, 2010 by Debi   Comments (1)

A rich man got up in church to give his testimony. Years ago I had just made my first $10, and as I sat in church that Sunday,listening to the preacher,I thought,"I can give it all to God & see if He says what He means, or I can hang onto my money & have what I need. Well, I put the $10 in and as you can see, He was faithful & today I'm worth MILLIONS!" And he smugly made his way back to his pew to great applause....seating himself the old woman next to him whispers loudly," I DARE you to do it again!

Lord I am ready!

March 23, 2010 by Debi   Comments (6)

Father God, Today I am home from work, the place I despise. I was off Friday & Monday for college visits with Tabitha & Lord! it has given me such PEACE not to be there! I have a sick tummy again & dentist later today so it wasn't a lie that Icould not go there. I have prayed for 3+ yrs to get out of there! I can ONLY do it w/a financial miracle and/or a new job! So PLEASE Jesus! tell me what to do! I have been praying for 3 weeks, day & night for "hearing", wisdom, and guidance! I WANT to do YOUR will w/ where to work, where & how to move and you know I will do whatever you say! JUST PLEASE SAY!!!It has been a hell-pit of 10 years & it's TIME for moving into your mercy & goodness & blessings!Poverty GO! Pain & sickness GO! Lonliness & homelssness GO! In Jesus' Name I DEMAND that you LOOSE my family! Father, I am sooo ready for the next step! I have been a mom for more than 3/4 of my life & my baby will graduate this year! I don't even know what to feel about not having kids fo rthe first time in 36 years! I still need a car for me & for Dixie, a bed & of course a HOME!!!! A home, Lord! A safe & quiet & peaceful & comfortable place for the first time since 1999. Lord, only YOU know how much we have praised you & thanked you for every teeny tiny thing..... another meal, clean laundry,pencils for school......most people who try to tell me what's wrong have never had to depend on you for every little thing! (at least they don't think so) and many have no idea what over 15 yrs of pain & sickeness can do to your heart & mind. Help us today Lord! I am here waiting on you & waiting to hear from you!!! You know the desires of our hearts/the prayers in the prayer box....my gifts to you today....I love you! Please answer......in Precious Jesus Name! AMEN!