Lord I am ready!

March 23, 2010 by Debi   Comments (6)

Father God, Today I am home from work, the place I despise. I was off Friday & Monday for college visits with Tabitha & Lord! it has given me such PEACE not to be there! I have a sick tummy again & dentist later today so it wasn't a lie that Icould not go there. I have prayed for 3+ yrs to get out of there! I can ONLY do it w/a financial miracle and/or a new job! So PLEASE Jesus! tell me what to do! I have been praying for 3 weeks, day & night for "hearing", wisdom, and guidance! I WANT to do YOUR will w/ where to work, where & how to move and you know I will do whatever you say! JUST PLEASE SAY!!!It has been a hell-pit of 10 years & it's TIME for moving into your mercy & goodness & blessings!Poverty GO! Pain & sickness GO! Lonliness & homelssness GO! In Jesus' Name I DEMAND that you LOOSE my family! Father, I am sooo ready for the next step! I have been a mom for more than 3/4 of my life & my baby will graduate this year! I don't even know what to feel about not having kids fo rthe first time in 36 years! I still need a car for me & for Dixie, a bed & of course a HOME!!!! A home, Lord! A safe & quiet & peaceful & comfortable place for the first time since 1999. Lord, only YOU know how much we have praised you & thanked you for every teeny tiny thing..... another meal, clean laundry,pencils for school......most people who try to tell me what's wrong have never had to depend on you for every little thing! (at least they don't think so) and many have no idea what over 15 yrs of pain & sickeness can do to your heart & mind. Help us today Lord! I am here waiting on you & waiting to hear from you!!! You know the desires of our hearts/the prayers in the prayer box....my gifts to you today....I love you! Please answer......in Precious Jesus Name! AMEN!

Amen sister- oh Lord provide for Debi what she is asking for in Jesus' name, wisdom, security, and assurance, and peace. I will be with you in prayer today.

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Bloom where you are planted, Debi. There is a purpose for your being there, even if we don't understand or like it. Quite often it is for US...to allow the difficult places to sand away the sharp, jagged edges in our lives. Rather than "despising" where Father has placed you, why not begin to PRAISE HIM for having a job. I know many people who would jump for JOY if they could find work. You truly ARE blessed to have a paycheck, no matter how "small".

As you begin to submit your will to the will of the Father, and honor Him with your attitude, your tithe, your praise, He will move on your behalf. We are instructed to pray for our "enemies". Instead of speaking hateful words about the people He has surrounded you with, why not REJOICE at the potential HARVEST? It truly sounds like those people need Jesus...and He's placed YOU there, to show them the way. But if you're being ugly and resentful, how can He use you effectively?

I encourage you to repent of the feelings of ugliness and the resentment they bring. He wants so very much to use you...but He can't, until you invite Him to, with more than just "words". Show Him you mean it by actions, too. Love those He has put in your path. Show them who Jesus truly is!

God bless you as you endeavor to be all He's called you to be,WHERE He's called you to be it.

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Ummm. That IS what I do, and have done. I pray for these people help them & am kind to them. I play praise music & have prayers posted by my station. I really don't believe God wants me to be in misery & have no "desires of my heart". I have to move anyway & can't bloom here! I have not been ugly or mean to the co-workers bosses or neighbors. It's more a curse than a blessing & I wouldn't pray for ANYONE to have THIS job;I would love them too much to do so. Thanks. ps I DO GIVE TITHE ETC!!!! For Years! Love

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I think what Tracy is trying to say is to find peace in what you do now, and where you are at, not that is always easy. I don't want to pretend to know your circumstances, but I think I can relate in some of mine- in needing to be content with what I am doing now- even though it is not what I pictured for myself, and I have had to try pretty hard to be good at it and love it.

AND the good thing is greater things are coming, and changes that I need are happening and I am trusting the Lord in my direction, being willing to accept what comes, and to not lose faith in the promise I have when my family is hit with a setback. I remind myself daily that I AM blessed, and for today there is nothing more that I need. Nowmore than ever, I feel full enough to bless others.

Yes, you love God and seek His will, may we all continue to find burried strength to endure the things that might otherwise make us crumble. We can only take one step at a time and trust it will fall on the solid ground of Christ.

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I suppose when all we hear from you is how much you despise your job...even tho u are blessed to HAVE one, when so many don't...it makes it difficult, at least for me, to see any evidence at all of how thankful you are and that you say you "do" let God use you there.

It's between you and God, I've kept quiet about it until today. I wish you well.

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