the truth

October 24, 2010 by albert   Comments (7)

The only truth that will set you free is God's truth. It's time I put everything in his hands to get out of this situation I am in. Right now this moment my heart is in need of God's touching hand. Amen

thoughts from the heart

October 8, 2010 by albert   Comments (4)

Father God and Jesus I sit here humbly before you both asking for the peace to return to my life. I have always sought the love of others in this world rather than the love of you both. I have learned the hard way that true love and spirit peace can only come by surrendering one's life completely to the both of you. I ask for all my sins to be forgiven and for all my proudness to go away. I cannot stand to see my parents and brother suffer for me. I would like the peace of mind and spirit and joy to return to my life and that of my loved ones. That is why I pray for your hands to be laid upon me and heal me completely. I rebuke satan completely and all the lies he has generated in my life. I seek you God and Jesus to show me the true path to happiness and eternal life. Please help me! In the name of Jesus Christ! Amen