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Chocolate–The Secret Ingredient of Weight Loss

Can eating chocolate really help you lose weight? We share a few of Dr. Will Clower’s secrets along with several of his sweet recipes in this free fact sheet, “Chocolate-The Secret Ingredient of Weight Loss.” Airdate 03/12/2014.

- Chocolate–The Secret Ingredient of Weight Loss - B&W

- Celebrate the Season with Southern Flair

- Celebrate the Season with Southern Flair (B&W)

- Gordon Robertson's Turkey Pot Pie

- Where There’s Smoke, There’s Flavor!

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Raise a Confident Kid

Author Paul Coughlin helps you rate your parenting skills and gain insight on how to raise assertive, confident kids in today’s world.

- Smart Steps for Stepdads

- Love & Marriage

- Money Savvy Kids

- Firstborn Advantages

- Protect Your Life Legacy

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Frontlines August 2014

In this edition of Frontlines:

  • Find out how you're extending a hand to military families in need
  • Watch Pat's interview with Dr. Ben Carson, author of the book One Nation
  • See how students in Nigeria are braving terrorism for education and how you're helping them
  • Watch Terry's interview with the Duggar girls from the show 19 Kids & Counting

Find these stories and more in this month’s publication of Frontlines!

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- Frontlines August 2014

- Frontlines July 2014

- Frontlines June 2014

- Frontlines May 2014

- Frontlines April 2014

- Frontlines March 2014

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The Blessing of Believing

The Bible says there is a great reward for those who have faith and believe in the promises of the Lord.
Take a few minutes and find encouragement in this special brochure, The Blessing of Believing.

- A Thanksgiving Tent Card

- Experiencing Miracles

- He Loves You… Our Kind and Caring God

- What the Bible Says About Fulfillment

- What the Bible Says About Loneliness

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Islam: Religion of Peace or War?

It’s important to know the truth about Islam and be able to speak confidently regarding the issues of our day. Find out what Arabic scholars reveal in their research through the authentic texts of Islam.

You can download a booklet here, or to have one mailed to you, please call 1-800-759-0700.

- Steps to Revival in America

- The Holy Spirit - Operation Good Shepherd

- How to Study the Bible - Operation Good Shepherd

- Who Jesus Is - Operation Good Shepherd

- Steps To Revival

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