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The Fountain of Youth: In a Pill?

Many people are concerned about the aging of their skin, but what if they could slow down aging of their whole body and live thirty years longer?

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Fight the Flu!

With the flu season upon us, it’s good to know there are ways other than a vaccine to reduce your risk of getting sick. Find easy ways to fight off the flu in this free fact sheet.

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Vitamin C: Your Key to a Healthy Heart

Standard medicine has long had evidence that the nation's top killer - yes, heart disease and strokes - results from low vitamin C.

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Cranberries: Relish The Benefits!

Today, science is studying the cranberry's modern medicinal value in urinary and dental health. See the amazing medical benefits of the cranberry.

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Healthy Holidays!

Co-host Kristi Watts and Science and Medical Reporter Gailon Totheroh recently shared with 700 Club viewers delicious ideas to keep the holidays nutritional and healthy.

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My Big Fat Greek Diet

My Big Fat Greek Diet (Nelson Books; Sept 2004) chronicles Dr. Nick Yphantides' life-long struggle with food. Surviving testicular cancer in his thirties, Dr Nick's outlook would never be the same. Galvanized by poor health and years of humiliation, Dr. Nick set out on an incredible physical and mental weight-loss journey.

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25 Ways to Cut Calories Every Day

Try a few of Danna Demetre's calorie-saving tips and begin losing fat without sacrificing taste!

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