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A Younger You at Any Age

Find out the latest research and technologies to help you become a younger you.

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Pat Robertson's Weight Loss Challenge

You can lose the weight and keep it off. Pat shares his simple plan youll never be hungry and youll lose the fat while gaining robust health. Join the community and take Pats Weight Loss Challenge.

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Building Strong, Healthy Kids

Renowned exercise trainer Fredrick Hahn, author of The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution, has created a scientifically sound, safe, and extremely effective solution to the increasing problems of childhood obesity, childhood type 2 diabetes, and improving athletic performance.

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Stay Strong at Any Age

Dr. Vonda Wright orthopedic surgeon, anti-aging expert, and author of FITNESS AFTER 40: How to Stay Strong at Any Agelolo shares tips to building strength and staying healthy.

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The Skinny on Healthy Snacking

In Finally Thin! (Random House, 2008), Kim Bensen tells readers that a well-timed, healthy snack can actually help you make better food choices and practice portion control at meals by keeping your  metabolism revved-up and preventing your sugar levels from plummeting, causing ravenous food cravings.

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Train Your Brain and Lose Weight

With over twenty years of experience watching how and why dieters lose weight — and how they don’t — Dr. Ian Smith has once again developed a remarkably effective program for successful weight loss he calls THE 4 DAY DIET.

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Jump Start Your Weight Loss

Kimberly Floyd, Certified Wellness Coach and author doesn't know anyone who, when attempting to lose weight and get healthy, doesn't want to get results as fast as possible--and if you faithfully follow these three quick tips, you can achieve faster and more lasting weight loss results.

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Four Steps to Thin Forever

Wouldn’t you love to look incredible and feel extraordinary every single day? That’s what Joy Bauer, the TODAY show’s diet and nutrition expert, promises everyone who follows her LIFE DIET principles, a proven approach to weight loss for LIFE.

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Lose Weight Without Spending A Dime

Todd Starnes' journey of losing 150 pounds is chronicled in his recently released book They Popped My Hood and Found Gravy on the Dipstick. Here's a look at how he lost the weight without breaking the bank.

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Unlock the Secret to Weight-Loss Success

In a recent report on food calories, CBN News reporter Lori Johnson offered a number of important keys available to use in unlocking  the secret to weight-loss success.

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Make Weight Loss a Reality in Your Life

Biggest Loser winner Matt Hoover  shares the details of his emotional journey in his new book, Matt Hoover's Guide to Life, Love, and Losing Weight. Here's a look.

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Four Keys to More Energy

Nearly everyone is familiar with the dreaded feelings of fatigue, weariness, exhaustion, "burn-out," or just plain feeling tired – too tired. Cardiologist Stephen Sinatra routinely recommends these four key nutrients – magnesium,co-enzyme Q10, L-Carnitine, and ribose – which he calls the "awesome foursome" to help people get more energy.

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Saying Goodbye to Baby Fat

As the mother of two active children, Arlene Pellicane, author of the eBook, Bye Bye Baby Fat: Exercises That Work for Busy Moms, knows what it’s like to battle – and win – against postpartum baby fat.

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A Healthier Heart & Pat's Exercise Poster

Learn how you can protect your heart from cardiovascular disease.

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The Taste of Success – Recipes from The South Beach Diet Cookbook

Just weeks after The South Beach Diet hit the shelves, Dr. Agatston was flooded with requests for more great-tasting recipes from people eager to keep on eating the South Beach way. The South Beach Diet Cookbook (Rodale Book; April 13, 2004) presents an array of more that 200 irresistible dishes - including snacks and desserts - following Dr. Agatston's scientifically sound and powerfully effective approach to weight control and disease prevention.

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Champion Grilled Tuna

Happily, for the Foremans and families across America, George has mastered the 1-2 punch of whipping up tasty, healthful fare to please the whole gang, with plenty of time to spare for gathering around the table.

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Jan Karon's Tastes of Mitford

You don't have to love to cook to love this cookbook. There are 150 mouth-watering recipes with uncomplicated ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions for favorite foods mentioned in the novels.

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Is Your Food Making You Sick?

Robyn O'Brien, author and founder of AllergyKids, first became concerned with food allergies when her 2-year-old daughter had a severe allergic reaction to eggs. Her concern lead to research on food additives and their negative effects on our children and our food supply. In this edition of A Closer Look: Is Your Food Making You Sick?, O’Brien shares food safety warning signs and safe food substitutes that will keep your children healthy and happy.

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Stop Mindless Eating

Mindless eating is something most of us have done at one time or another.  We eat when we are not hunger, eat without thinking, or overeat when we are full.  Dr. Linda Mintle, a licensed clinical social worker, specializes in family therapy and eating disorders.  In this edition of A Closer Look: Stop Mindless Eating, Dr. Linda shares her "PAUSE" strategy to help you overcome mindless eating and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Bounce Your Way to Healthy Living

Dr. Asa Andrew, recognized as "America's Health Coach", says the body has its own process for eliminating toxins through the lymphatic system.  In this edition of A Closer Look: Bounce Your Way to Healthy Living, Dr. Andrew shares how simple bouncing exercises can help you reach your weight loss goals and benefit your overall health.

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